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Successful Case Studies

Proven ways in which TAGSAK is used as an innovative and unique advertising medium.

Radio Station Promotion
Traditionally the station would send listeners bumper stickers to affix to their automobile, to be eligible for prizes at events if spotted by "Station Representatives". Unfortunately, not all listeners would affix bumper stickers with adhesives to there prized auto's(hate the glue).

TAGSAK - Toll Tag Cover was the solution. By utilizing TAGSAK(which uses suction cups vs. adhesives) listeners were more inclined to affix the station logo to their auto. TAGSAK also offered a new and unique placement (front of windshield), instead of the rear bumper. No worries for listeners who did not have a toll tag to cover, since they used TAGSAK for other applications, such as a change or sunglass holder.

END RESULT - Station experienced increased exposure of logo, and listeners avoided the pratfalls of sticky adhesives that are hard to remove. Win + Win + Win... for Radio Station - Distributor - Listener.

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Auto Dealers - Want to be "Front & Center"
1) Consumers buying/leasing new vehicles have no means of reattaching their Toll Tag to the windshield, since the Velcro strips are left in the old car.
2) Auto Dealers are constantly looking for new and inexpensive ways to advertise, in addition to promoting goodwill.

Auto Dealers offer TAGSAK to clients who purchase/lease a vehicle, so they may insert the toll tag into TAGSAK, attaching the toll tag securely to the windshield with suction cups(no more velcro).

WIN for consumer- they immediately reattach the toll tag to the new auto without affecting toll tag function.

WIN for dealer- TAGSAK extends goodwill & most importantly, promotes the dealership since TAGSAK is imprinted with the dealer logo, for all prospective clients to see- FRONT & CENTER on the windshield!

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Commuter Casinos
Casino areas such as Atlantic City and Connecticut have a large number of gamblers who drive to their resort. Such an influx usually results in long valet lines.

In order to get their loyal patrons into the casino faster, casinos give TAGSAK to their frequent players. As they arrive, they are immediately recognized as a frequent player, receiving special attention & care as they are forwarded immediately to the waiting valet, so they can enter the casino quickly and easily.

Not only do the casinos get their players in quicker, but they also have a great form of advertising front and center of the car windshield.

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Professional Sports
As a special gift to their season ticket holders, a professional football team wanted to offer something unique and innovative. They wanted something that would promote their logo daily, but wanted to avoid bumper stickers or car flags, as most people avoid using them.

TAGSAK was a great solution, as fans can use the item to show their team pride any time they want, without adhesives or the noise associated with “flapping” flags.

One team also used the TAGSAK as an identifier for Season Ticket Parking, making it easy for attendants to confirm season ticket status and allow quick entry into the preferred parking area.

One team found the response to TAGSAK so popular, they developed a “retail” team logo, so fans can buy the item at the concession stands to show their loyalty.

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Rental Car Company – Advertising and support of the USA
A rental car company noticed many clients would take their EZPASS tag from their regular cars and use them in the rental car, buy had no way to attach them to the windshield, resulting in dashboard scratches from clients resting the tag on the dash.

In order to avoid future damage, they began handing out TAGSAK to their clients, for use in the vehicle while it was rented. They also wanted to advertise their Rental Company, but knew clients would never use a TAGSAK with their logo on their own car once they returned to it. So they decided to place an American Flag on TAGSAK facing outward, and placed their logo and phone number on the inside, so their clients would always remember their name and phone number, plus have the added feature of a USA flag on their car.

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Insurance Company
An Insurance Company entering the Auto Insurance marketplace wanted a new and unique way to communicate it was adding auto insurance to its portfolio of insurance services.

By giving TAGSAK to auto insurance clients, they in turn would insert their toll tag into TAGSAK, reattaching the tag to their windshield, prominently featuring the auto insurance logo front and center on the cars windshield. Thus the logo would be seen everywhere the car was driven or parked.(People prefer using TAGSAK since it adheres with suction cups vs. Velcro, is easily removed, and covers the white toll tag square- guaranteed to work!)

This immediately created an association for the insurance company that they offered automobile insurance, creating awareness among potential auto insurance clients who would see their logo in automobiles.

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Limousine Companies
As limousines approach their clients waiting for pick up at the airport, they usually have to hold up a sign so they are recognized amongst the barrage of limo pulling up front. One limousine company wanted a method to show their logo on the front of the vehicle, so clients would easily see the company they were looking for, making the search method for their ride much easier.

In addition, it offered great advertising for the limousine company.

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Support of Law Enforcement
PBA and FOB police organizations often give donators a sticker to show their participation in fund raising efforts to be displayed on their vehicle. Most donators appreciate the effort, but avoid using the adhesive based stickers since often times their cars are leased.

TAGSAK was a great alternative, as it allowed donators to show their affiliation to the police organizations, without having to adhere a sticker that cannot be easily removed.

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Toll Authority
In an effort to increase usage of toll tags on their highways, one toll authority sold TAGSAK to clients who avoided using the tags because they felt they were unsightly on their auto. Using TAGSAK allowed them to use the tag, without showing the “Big White Square” on the front of their car.

The toll authority was also able to increase revenues, as they charged a nominal fee for TAGSAK, generating profits above normal toll revenues via the sale of TAGSAK’s.

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